Build With Us

We put our relationships first, including employees, clients, subcontractors and vendors. We have loyalty that is valued and extended relentlessly to our clients, vendors and teammates. With this our clients have an appreciation of working with our company. 

At Breeden Construction, we understand a commercial construction project involves a considerable investment of time, money and your reputation. We are proud of the our long-terms relationships that we have built. 


Our Approach

Our core values are not just words on a page or merely spoken, we live by them. We are accountable to one another, our clients and partners to uphold these values. When you walk into a Breeden Construction office or onto a project, you feel our culture. We are constant professionals who, at the root of it all, do what we say we are going to do. Yet, none of our goals or objectives is more important than ensuring the health and welfare of the workers on our job sites and in our offices. We make safety the first consideration in planning work activities. If we can’t do it safely – we don’t do it at all.

The Power of Numbers

The Breeden Company is a nationally recognized real estate services company with over 50 years of expertise in every facet of the industry. Breeden Property Management, Breeden Realty and Breeden Construction.

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