Our Approach

What we do today we live with tomorrow. How we serve a client, join arms with a co-worker, partner with a designer or team up with a subcontractor today determines how Breeden Construction will be received in the future. Therefore, we always base the decisions we make upon how they will position us in the future.

Effective general contracting requires industry expertise, an acute eye for detail and excellent communication. We oversee all construction projects with a meticulous level of supervision. By maintaining a strong presence on the work site, we’re able to liaise with our project managers and subcontractors more effectively. In turn, we ensure all work proceeds according to plan. Both on the ground and in the office, we work with a calculated approach executing every project with razor-sharp precision.

From start to finish, we are there to help, lend our advice and provide our expertise.

Towne Center West Large
Towne Center West

Success is measured by the degree to which we exceed expectations and the achievement of our projects' goals and objectives. We earn this privilege by providing the utmost service, value and quality throughout every client relationship.

Breeden Construction is focused on performing better today than we did yesterday. We know that there is always room to improve ourselves and our processes. We seek out suggestions for improvement and implement changes that benefit our employees and clients.

Harbor Vista
Harbor Vista at Crawford Street

It’s why we get up in the morning: to build structures we want to show future generations. We expect nothing but quality from everyone we work with and, most of all, ourselves. Our standards for quality exceed our client’s expectations.

We place a high value on the interrelationships of design and construction. Partnering with owners and design professionals in an open, collaborative team environment results in significant opportunities for improving constructability, saving costs and achieving project specific expectations.

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