The health and safety of our employees happen to be a culture that we are proud to identify with. We are committed to producing secure environments that keep each individual safe on and off the jobsite. Safety. Everyone. Everywhere.

None of Breeden Construction’s goals or objectives is more important than ensuring the health and welfare of the workers on our job sites and in our offices. We make safety the first consideration in planning work activities. If we can’t do it safely – we don’t do it at all.

We also believe in fostering productive teamwork among members and focusing on safety. Teamwork without proper guidance leads to poor decisions and safety concerns. Because of our open communication, broader collaboration and a greater sense of accountability to the group, our teams work effectively. With each project, we:

  • Determine our team and project goals
  • Communicate and determine risk management
  • Focus on the same safety mission
  • Get involved

Our project teams are successful because we cooperate with one another and depend on each other to identify hazards, follow safety procedures and prevent accidents.

Colonial Construction Materials is fortunate to have been a partner to The Breeden Company for the past 18 years. They are a highly professional company with extensive industry knowledge which has made for a terrific working relationship.
- Pat Branin
Regional Sales Manager - Colonial Construction Materials, Inc.