Because we are dedicated to continued LEED education, our clients and employees benefit greatly from our quest for excellence on every project. At Breeden Construction, we stand ready and willing to achieve LEED standards on all building projects.

At Breeden Construction, we build with conservation in mind, working to incorporate many sustainable initiatives. In our multifamily construction projects, we utilize:

  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • Low-E windows
  • LED site lighting
  • Low-flow toilets and fixtures
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • On-site recycling centers

Our corporate culture is geared towards ensuring safety and environmental protection. This allows us to respond swiftly to changes in the global energy paradigm and help create a sustainable future.

We also strive to minimize the impact we make on the environment. From implementing recycling programs to developing clean-energy technology, we continue to transition to being a more responsible and sustainable business.

We attribute our success to the hard work and unmatched employee dedication that reflect the values of our organization. We are a collection of individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership and outstanding efforts on a continual basis.
- Ramon W. Breeden, Jr.
Chairman of the Board - The Breeden Company, Inc.