Dale Sennie, Director of Innovative Technology, Writes Article for the National Apartment Association

For Immediate Release: 05.27.22
Breeden Web 8

Dale Sennie, Director of Innovative Technology, recently wrote an article for the National Apartment Association. His article, The Sky’s the Limit with Wireless Services, references the demand and benefits of wireless services at apartment communities.


The world of IT is in constant flux. As a result, IT professionals always face a flurry of questions: "Where are you now?" "Where did you begin?" and "Where do you need to be?" For property management companies, the answers to those questions are significant drivers. They also have an enormous effect on the day-to-day experience of apartment communities and their residents, especially in the wake of the pandemic.


In fact, there is steadily increasing interest in smart homes and building automation in today's multifamily realm accelerated, in part, by the circumstances of the past two years. The advancement of wireless technologies has allowed building automation to be installed and/or retrofitted at a lower cost with increased reliability than in years past. The modern convenience of making the change to wireless internet services is tangible when it comes to labor costs. Before wireless, if you wanted something to function, you would have a wire go through a hole, then you had to run the wire—potentially destroying a wall, running into other cables, or worse, cutting cables. At times, wired install exceeded the cost of the intended goal.

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