New Era for the Breeden Company

For Immediate Release: 03.10.22

Times are changing for The Breeden Company. After founding and leading the busy real estate development firm for 60 years, President and Chief Executive Officer Ramon W. Breeden Jr. recently passed his title and ensuing responsibilities to former Chief Operating Officer Tim Faulkner.

Not only does Faulkner say he will embrace change at the helm of the company, but he also sites constant growth and improvement as keys to Breeden’s success over the years.

“We are continually trying to strive,” said Faulkner, whose career with Breeden has spanned 20 years and counting. “So, when you look at the product that was built 20 years ago at The Breeden Company, versus the product that is being built today, it’s just a night and day difference.”

Faulker says Breeden has enjoyed a growth rate of about 25% per year over the last 10 years and is now the fifth-largest construction company in Virginia. Breeden Jr. founded the firm in 1961 and began building single-family homes, apartments and shopping centers with 20 others in the organization. Today, Breeden boasts a team of 425 and has owned, managed or developed more than 15,000 apartments, 1,700 single-family homes and more than 2 million square feet of retail and office space.

“What I like about The Breeden Company is that we have never backed up. We have continued no matter what the economic cycle is, no matter what the barriers are. No matter what the trials and tribulations are, we continue to move forward, and that’s what I like,” adds Faulkner.


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