The Breeden Company and Eggleston Partner to Increase Independent Living Options for Adults with Disabilities

For Immediate Release: 12.06.20
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The Breeden Company and Norfolk, Virginia based non-profit Eggleston are proud to announce a partnership that supports Eggleston’s ability to expand their community living options by creating an innovative and forward-thinking independent living model for people with varying disabilities.

“Living choices for adults with intellectual disabilities are limited. In many cases, individuals reside with family and rely on them for their primary care. There’s growing concern in our industry about the number of caregivers who are aging parents and their ability to care for their adult child at some point. Additionally, this new model is really innovative since most community housing options for adults with disabilities are centered on congregate living, where on average four to six people live in a home together,” said Paul Atkinson, Sr., Eggleston’s chief executive officer.

The independent living model created by Eggleston allows those with intellectual disabilities to live a more inclusive independent life while also getting the daily support they need to assist with life skills such as creating a grocery list and following a daily schedule. The independent living model not only provides for the individual; it also gives peace of mind to parents and family members because their loved ones are gaining life skills while building the relationships they need to take care of themselves now and in the future.

One of the first Eggleston associates to live under this new model is Drew. Drew, 32, has a development impairment and needs additional support in his day-to-day life. Nearly five years ago, Drew joined Eggleston’s supported employment program and after witnessing the positive outcomes, his father, Dave, joined Eggleston’s Board of Directors. Dave recognized the possibilities for Drew, and others like him, and committed himself to leading Eggleston’s effort to expand community living options for people with varying disabilities. Dave was introduced to The Breeden Company and Vice President of Property Management, Barry Tomlin. Thanks to Dave’s dedication, Eggleston and The Breeden Company worked together to find a community close to public transportation, shopping, events and more. Barry Tomlin, Vice President of The Breeden Company’s property management division states, “When David approached us regarding Eggleston’s new independent living model, we didn’t hesitate to assist. We have several communities that fit the specific parameters Eggleston had. We visited each community to ensure the chosen one was perfect. We are honored to partner with Eggleston to bring their independent living model from concept to reality. At The Breeden Company, we truly believe in creating communities.” 

Drew, who now lives with his parents, will soon move into his very own Breeden apartment in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is excited to have a place of his own just in time to put up his first Christmas tree. Because of Eggleston, Drew, and others in the future, can lead fulfilling lives, have careers, gain the support they need and maintain independence.

To learn more about the Eggleston independent living model program, contact Kristen Ricks, Marketing Director of Eggleston, at (757) 858-8011 or visit




For 65 years, Eggleston has provided programs and services that empower and enrich the lives of adults with disabilities. Today, the nonprofit organization serves 1,000+ people in Hampton Roads through its employment, residential, day and community engagement, brain injury and veteran’s services programs.