An Enriched Lifestyle Community
Virginia Beach, VA
2.21 Acres
3rd Party
Richman Aspire Apartments LP

The Aspire project in Norfolk consists of one residential-style building with a total of 85 apartments. The development is set on 2.21 acres of land in the Tidewater Gardens District of downtown Norfolk

  • Scope: The project encompasses a total area of 2.21 acres and includes the provision of 67 parking spaces.
  • Structure: The main structure is a four-story wood-framed structure, on a slab on grade. The building will house 85 apartment units.
  • Amenities: The project offers various amenities for residents, such as a club room, art studio, computer room, and workroom. These amenities are designed to enhance the living experience and provide additional recreational and functional spaces.
  • Façade: The exterior of the building features a combination of brick veneer and cementitious fiber siding. Some apartments are equipped with balconies, which are adorned with aluminum railings, providing residents with outdoor spaces.
  • Location: The project is situated in the Tidewater Gardens District, which is a part of downtown Norfolk. The specific location offers convenient access to the urban amenities and services available in the surrounding area.

Overall, this project offers a well-designed residential complex with ample parking, modern amenities, attractive exterior finishes, and a desirable location in downtown Norfolk.



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