Myrtle Landing

An Enriched Lifestyle Community
Cape Charles, VA
3rd Party
Myrtle Landing Renewal LLC

Experience Cape Charles living at Myrtle Landing Apartments. The renovation project will see the revitalization of 93 units, the leasing center, and surrounding community areas. 

The renovation project includes the installation of new signage throughout the property, improving visibility and aesthetics.

The renovation project includes the construction of new access routes, including crosswalks, ramps, curb cuts, and sidewalks, to enhance accessibility for all individuals. The existing paving will be replaced with new pavement, and striping will be applied to ensure organized parking spaces and traffic flow.

Dedicated areas with new pads and enclosures will be constructed for dumpsters, ensuring a clean and organized waste management system. The project also includes the replacement of sewage pumps to ensure efficient and reliable wastewater management.

The development also includes the improvement of surrounding/adjacent areas. This includes tree trimming to maintain a well-groomed appearance, improvements to site drainage for proper water management, and enhancements to the landscape to create an inviting and visually appealing environment. The renovation project incorporates new site lighting to ensure well-lit and safe surroundings for residents and visitors.

The renovation project will also bring a new mail area, a new maintenance storage building, and renovated community center and amenities. The refurbishment of the community center and amenities will create an updated and modern space for residents to enjoy.

The property is also getting an exterior face-lift. The existing exterior siding will be replaced with new materials, improving the overall appearance and durability of the buildings. The renovations also include the installation of new entry doors, windows, and interior doors, enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of the property.

Within the apartment buildings, upgraded lighting fixtures and electrical devices will be installed to improve energy efficiency and provide optimal lighting throughout the renovated areas. All flooring in the renovated areas will be replaced with new materials, offering a fresh and updated look. The renovation project includes the refurbishment of ceilings and walls, providing a clean and modern appearance.

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