Value Engineering

Accurate construction bid estimates are often the backbone of a project’s success, which is why you want to consider value engineering as early as possible.

At Breeden Construction, we believe in providing true value and exceeding expectations. We want to reduce costs in the long term without compromising the quality of the resulting product.

We spend a great deal of time working with our project team and architects preparing an in-depth project plan, schedule and cost reviews. In an effort to be as accurate as possible when estimating budgets we use our extensive historical cost data, on-site construction information from past projects, detailed cost reporting and overall review by the design team members.

To us, value engineering means more than just cost savings; it’s an opportunity to provide options for review that may present a higher cost in the beginning, but can show long-run savings. We believe in “turning over every stone” to find anything that will make the project less costly, run more efficient and to finish on-time.

Our Work

We provide our expertise in construction materials and methods, project scheduling and cost control to oversee all phases of the design and construction phases.

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